Want to See and Do More with Life?

Is that how you’re thinking?  Great, you’ve come to the right place.

OnWeGo is for people of any age who feel they could and should be doing more in life and want to do something about it.
We passionately believe that doing new and different things is the key to continued happiness and well-being. Doing new things that correspond with what really motivates you. New things that fully occupy your capabilities. New and different things that give you a sense of fresh purpose.

We want to share that belief with you and help you “do something about it” and we can do that in a choice of ways:-

You could simply help yourself. Browse the following pages for our thoughts and ideas and to see where we’re coming from. Dip into the library of articles, downloads, blog posts and links. Select your program of activities and go for it!

Or choose Personal Coaching. To help you make the right choices and equip and motivate you to achieve them we can work together on your Focus, Attitudes and Capabilities.

Whichever option you choose the recommended route is the same. To find what can be done differently and better in these three aspects of your life:-

 Tai Chi for fitnessMind and Body Fitness

“Reboot” your mind and body. Find New Purpose ~ Fresh Attitudes ~ Resourcefulness ~ Motivation ~ Confidence and Self-Esteem ~ Decisiveness ~ Energy and Stamina Read More


Snowboarder jumping through air with deep blue sky Capabilities and Talents

Discover how Capable you are.  Enjoy Versatility and Personal Growth  ~  Altruism and Self-worth ~ Challenge and Success ~ Social Approval and Respect ~ Fun and Satisfaction Read More


manjumping Work at What Really Matters

Make the living you need in the way you want.  Enjoy Challenge ~ Freedom ~ Self-determination ~ Control and Accountability ~ Reward ~ Recognition ~ Grow your Personal Influence and Impact Read More


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“Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life!”