Giving Another Kick Start to Life

Just What the Doctor Ordered

It’s been an interesting month with some good reminders on getting the best out of life.

It started off when I booked in at the excellent Woodlands Hospital at 6.30 am “nil by mouth” and really excited.

8270235 - bottom view of three surgeons in operation holding surgical toolsExcited because after tearing a shoulder tendon last August and putting up with pain and unproductive treatments for 9 months I was finally getting my rotator cuff surgically repaired.

Excited as well because I actually get a buzz from surgery.
Yes, I know it’s strange. I’m sure there must be some behavioural type that’s the opposite of “surgery-phobic?”  Anyway I’m it.


We all Need a Bit of Risk

I strangely enjoy the risks associated with surgery.
You know those comments you hear like “something could go wrong under the anesthetic?”  Often followed in my case these days with “especially when you’re getting older!” Well this kind of fretting is really quite encouraging to me.
So no surprise that I was “hyper” with anticipation as I enjoyed the pre-op preparations. Then coming round post-op half hearing distant voices and eventually realising they’re in the room with me and thinking “…YesI’m back…I’ve been spared!” Prompting  instant euphoria and emotional thanks and love to anybody in hailing distance.

I guess I’d have to say I’m a responsible rather than wanton risk seeker. I don’t do recklessness.
But the thing is we need to take risks. Risks got our brain growing pre-birth, developing in infancy and sustained in later life

A bit of  TLC always goes down well

This is another good reason why I enjoy surgery and this came out throughout my stay.
24 hours of mecentric care and attention and I was loving it.  With anesthetists, nurses and physiotherapists competing to look after me. And special thanks must go to the young Polish nurse who assisted me and my immobilized shoulder in the shower room and commented on my “athletic…wonderful body.”  Yes I’m definitely a sponge when it comes to approval  even if expressed in early conversational English.
The fact is social engagement and 3rd party approval have always been my key motivators and nothing has happened to change that.

Repair and Refurbishment.

Perhaps most of all this is my surgery favourite.   The notion of being repaired and moving on.
I’ve missed my regular exercise regime over the past nine months. Yes all right, I admit it was an ambitious weights lift that caused the tear, subsequently described by my surgeon as “massive” and requiring double fastening (which I actually thought quite cool!)
That accepted I genuinely value the fitness benefits of regular aerobic and resistance exercise as well as the cognitive and self-esteem benefits that result. I miss these. I feel unfit.
So here we are. It’s the end of June. My shoulder restraint if off. I can tuck my shirt in again and I’m feeling really grateful for my repair. My physiotherapist Sap is impressed with my efforts (it’s that social approval thing again.) And I’m looking forward to kicking on from here.

And On We Go Again

And it’s the starting again bit I really appreciate.
I’ve had some moving parts renewed and just like a reconditioned engine I’m good to go for another 100,000 miles! And I’m grasping that opportunity to kick on.

When we think of achieving change or reaching new places in life we’re all pretty much sold on setting Goals and S.M.A.R.T Objectives. The benefit of committing to an achievable timed target rather than hopefully getting around to some vaguely outlined idea is clear.
Less familiar although pretty obvious when you think about it is this idea of kicking on again. Whether you’re striving to achieve a goal or simply wanting to continue enjoying a full and healthy life there’ll be times when you lose momentum.
This is when you really benefit from a kick on moment.
Grasp hold of an event, a milestone or just some excuse to pause; reflect on the things that motivate you; refresh and reboot mentally and tell yourself you’re good to go again.


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  1. You’re one cool dude, Bob! Here’s to the next 100,000 miles. 🙂

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