Marketing – You and Your Idea


Best in the MarketWhether you choose Self-Employment or Business Ownership you will be in competition with others who want the same thing as you.

Your success will be determined by three things:

  1. Your offering meets a real and viable need.
  2. It promises originality, advantage or some kind of differentiating benefit that will seriously appeal to your market.
  3. You get this message across loud enough, often enough and persuasively enough such that the share of the market you want wants you at the price you charge.

And the truth is, no matter how well you score on 1 and 2 the competition will catch up. It’s 3 that makes the difference. The more you master the skills to influence and persuade others and market you and your business the more successful you will be.

We teach these skills in our one-to-one coaching programmes. To get a free head-start on developing your persuasion capabilities browse this selection of articles extracted from our Influence and Persuasion module:


OnWeGo on Marketing – The Essentia 8 Steps


“Getting your business card working for you.”
“Your 60 second pitch – getting over what you do.
“Understanding your customer needs.”
“How to write compelling sales copy.”
“How to write persuasive sales stories.”


“Building Reputation and Your Personal Brand”
“Sales letters that c
onvert enquiries into business.
Attracting business through on-line articles.”

Building wed traffic through Article Marketing @Article_Marketing
Building Business through successful blogging: @Leo Babauta


“How to win friends and influence people!” – the best book on selling I ever read
“How people make buying decisions.”
“How to encourage people to buy.”
“How to make people want to buy from you.”
“The power of reputation and building it.”
“How we influence others subconsciously.”


“Delivering an on target pitch”
“The 6 things you must think about first.”
“Creating a framework for a compelling presentation.”
“Writing it down for perfect delivery.
“Using persuasive language patterns.”
“Powerful words that persuade.”
“Preparing a winning sales pitch.”
“Influencing people with your voice”
“Influencing people through what they see.”
“Influencing people through stories.”


Next Steps

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