Opportunities to Work for Myself

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If you’ve spent time on our Thinking and Potential Pages you should now understand better your aptitude to work for yourself and for the kind of situation that will suit you best.

So in terms of nature and environment will you prefer the independence, variety and flexibility of Self-Employment or the accountable, entrepreneurial, disciplined structured of Business Ownership?

Do your aims and aspirations point towards financial reward and power or will they be driven by altruism and egalitarianism?

To help identify and guide your choices we’ve summarised the different opportunities you can consider.

Onwego Guides are provided to assist your decision making.  And there are links to professional organisations who offer specialist advice and to public offices where you can get general advice and process some of the legal procedures required in starting up.

Self-Employed + On-Going Support

You’re independent but wanting a level of “Agency help” getting work and handling income tax matters-.

OnWeGo on Freelancing – Our summary of the main “Freelancing” Opportunities.
Interim Management offers Short-Term assignments supervised by your Agency. Get more at @ii.org
Contracting can offer continuous work but tax issues are regulated. Check out  @IPSE.co.uk


You’re an Independent Sole Trader or Partner supplying goods, services or professional expertise

OnWeGo on Self-Employment Key Point summary on working for yourself
How to organise your Tax and N.I. affairs @H.M.R.C.
For advice and support think about a Business Mentor. See more @Ioee.uk

Home-based Businesses

Low entry cost and flexibility are key attractions here. Selling products or knowledge are both popular and proven ideas.

OnWeGo on On-Line Business -The Popular Options and Key Steps to get started.
Bob Bly’s time served Guide to on-line marketing: Online_Marketing
Great advice on running a Home based business : @INC.com
Build your own Direct Selling or Network Marketing Business – find out more  @DSA.org


Wanting to buy and run a “going concern.” Buy a regional franchise of an established business and get marketing and operational support.

OnWeGo on Franchising – Key Point summary of this proven first step into successful business ownership
Get more advice, suggestions and professional support from the Industry’s “go to” body www.thebfa.org 

Business Start-up

Got your own business idea and want to launch and grow it big.

Excellent Guide to A Business Start up from NatBusArchives
Great start up advice from Government sponsored @BusinessisGreat
Step by Step advice: @GovUK
Funding your Start up – where to go @UKGovTGrants
Funding and other support for over 55’s @Prime.org.uk
The “ Start up Britain”  enterprise initiative  @startupBritain.org
CDFIs – funds for under-served communities @CDFA.org
Finding a Private Investor @BVCA.co.uk
Company Registration Issues @CompaniesHouse.Gov
Questions about trademarks and intellectual property @IP.Gov

How Can I Help

In Business to Help Others

Want to work for yourself but  “not doing it for the money!”

OnWeGo on Helping Others Our key point summary of why not for profit work could be for you. Read this together with OnweGo on Self-Employment to guide your thinking on your particular work preference.


You love to teach? Career changers thrive on the switch to teaching when the vocation is there. Opportunities exist in academic, adult learning and vocational teaching with scope for flexible employment projects. Find out more at the National Career Service 

Care Work

A need to help those that need help. Like teaching this work attracts many career shifters. Opportunities exist in child, adult, even animal welfare both home and over-seas, with part-time and short-term contract projects to suit. A good first stop for more information is Skills for Care

Business Mentoring

Giving back your business expertise. Why not help new business starters in a formal mentoring partnership. Get initial training and networking support through The Association of Business Mentors

Voluntary Work

Share your skills and work on short-term contracts.  Several organisations exist to help the transition into charity work. Find out more and get help starting out through the NCVO and also at www.reachskills.org.uk

Community Interest Company

Wishing to start a business. Does it genuinely support the community as opposed to shareholders? The setting up a Community Interest Company could be the route to go. Companies House and CIC Regulator approval are required. Guidance notes and application processes are on-line at www.Gov.uk


Launching a Charity. A qualifying registered charity offers tax and funding advantages but must satisfy strict criterion imposed by the Government and The Charities Commission. Your eligibility and start up steps can be checked on-line at www.gov.uk


Next Steps

Hopefully these suggestions and tips have helped. If you want a quick chat about your next step please get in touch via the Message Box. If you want to learn more about one to one coaching please go to our Coaching Page. It’ll be great to hear from you.

If you’ve formed some clear ideas where you’re going then you may want to click through to >>>>>Making it Happen

And don’t forget to check our selected Business Start Up titles at Amazon@OnWeGo  and Bob’s Blog.  As well as the occasional chuckle I promise you’ll find useful observations on making changes in Mid Life – including becoming your own boss.