Making Choices – What is Wealth?

riches.pptx So why do you want to work for yourself? It may be due to job circumstances or because like so many others you’ve changed over time. Like others you now tell yourself:

I’m fed up with this treadmill I’m on. I want freedom and independence, to have control of my life.”
I want variety, the opportunity to work where, with whom, and when I choose.”
I want to be in charge, to take a chance on something new, to give that business idea of mine a serious try.

If genuine and strong these sentiments are the first indicator that you can succeed working for yourself. Of course there are other important factors like “a viable offering for the market” which we look at later. But just as with Marketing, whatever the context,  you need to be clear about your own “offering” and make sure you compete in the market  segment that’s just right for you.

The questions you need to start with are:

What would I really like to do? What am I best cut out to do?
.Explore your dreams and your passions. Then compare and align these with what you are really suited to do.

As you refine the answers other questions that will help are:

Is income and wealthy life style my goal? Or am I motivated by making a difference for others?
….You want to know exactly what wealth means to you.

Is it freedom and independence I want? Or is it to launch and build a business?
This points your “dream” towards the way you will achieve it. What that requires of you and what you require in it for it all to work.

To best answer these questions you need to understand your Personal Values and Beliefs and Motivational Preferences. We talk about this on our Thinking Page and the OnWeGo Guides links are shown again below.

Also download our Guide OnWeGo on Self-Employment and OnWeGo on In Business,  together with the other recommended publications so that when you visit the Opportunities page you’ll be well prepared to make a choice that’s right for you .   

OnWeGo on Personal Values – Learn about your beliefs and things you hold dear
OnweGo on Behavioural Defaults – Your natural way of reacting to situations
OnWeGo on Motivation – What drives you to achieve things in life?
OnWeGo_on Self-Employment  What is your passion and what are the key issues to consider?
OnWeGo on In Business – What me?  Looking at what you are naturally suited to run.

Rich dad. Poor dad. – Probably the most read book on how to make money in business.
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective people.
–  Covey’s standard text on Effectiveness.
Inside the minds of Winners. – Revealing interviews with people who succeeded.
As a man thinketh!  Classic advice on the values and priorities you need.
Discovering Your Life PurposeGetting into what you really want to do?
Leo Babauta – An excellent article from Leo on Getting Started Now.

Next Steps

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