Let’s be honest this is what we really get excited about. Here’s where we talk about leaping onto the Harley Davidson and roaring off into the sunset. And why not?
Perhaps you’ve already recognized you happen to need new ambitions and challenges, it’s the kind of person you are.

Then again maybe you’ve never found out, and now is the time to do so.

Fun and thrills apart, challenging physical activity offers huge potential benefits:

  • “Reconditioning of your brain.”   Survival was the primary factor in growing your new brain and it’s widely accepted that learning a new “survival” skill, particularly if new physical skills are involved, is one of the best ways to re-charge your mind and re-energize your thinking.
  • Resourcefulness and Confidence. Our lifetime experiences so far have set these qualities at the required level, which means there’s certain to be scope to build on them.  When you experience new challenging pursuits that stretch you, you discover how resourceful you really can be. Importantly you become somebody who expects to succeed and achieve outcomes.
  • Social Engagement.  When together with other people you experience new challenges, and elements like survival and competition are added in, you build new social and relationship skills and confidence.

What Activity shall I Choose to Identify and Develop the Full Me?

OnWeGo on Challenges  together with the Onwego Guide help answer this question plus these recommended links below:
Want to get back on two wheels? Then check this site @geton
Mountaineering? Get the beginner’s guide  and lots more: @TheBMC
Hang gliding and Para-gliding:
Up and Away with Ballooning: @B.B.A.C.
Everything to know about Gliding: @B.G.A.
How about Sailing and Boating? @R.Y.A.
Rowing – how and where to get into a boat @explorerowing
Rowing – both inland and coastal opportunities: @BritRowOrg
Silent World of Scubadiving? @UKDivers
Get in training for your first Marathon: @Virgin
Great Trekking Suggestions in the UK @TrekkingBritain
Learn and Play Judo with the BJOrg: @BJOrg 
Splash out at The National White Water Centre: @UKRafting
How about Triathlon? That’s a challenge @BriTriathFed
Organized help and great choice for your Challenging Experience @DoSomethingDifferent

 What Next?

Satisfying your Creative, Caring and Active needs will certainly uncover the Full You and this by itself may provide the satisfaction and extra challenge in life you need.

It may also teach you new things about yourself that encourage and inspire you to go for more challenge…. to change what you do for a living!

If so and you want to discuss that possibility get in touch via the Message Box or follow the link to our Coaching Page  for more information.
Or if you’re happy to continue the Help Yourself route then make your next stop the Wealth Page.  Here you’ll find lots of advice, downloads and links on making what’s possibly the most satisfying change of all.

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