Some of us have always wanted to do something for others but time prevented it.
For many the desire developed over time, becoming strong quite recently.
But the truth is we all have some degree of altruism and it needs revealing to find the Full and Real You.
Just how we can help others varies widely.  You could share your know-how, perhaps give regular time to a local charity. Raise money on a sponsored cycle ride or rescue endangered animals in the wild.
Whatever you do it will add enormously to your sense of self-worth and fulfilment – as well as making a difference elsewhere.

Will Volunteering be right for me? What Volunteering Opportunity is best for me?

To answer those questions download our free OnWeGo Guide and explore these selected links below:

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How to use your particular skill:
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Essential facts on becoming a volunteer:
Running a Charity and being a Trustee: @Char.comm
Becoming a School Governor: @SGOSS
How it works with the Red Cross: @RedCross
Learn about European Year of Volunteering: @Europa
Fancy helping the environment?: @Muckin
Mentoring in business? Help getting started
Register and develop as a personal mentor @Mentormatchme
Share what you know with young people starting up in business @theprincestrust
Do something amazing with Macmillan:
Free Index of 100s of opportunities in the UK @freeindex

Where Now

Many people change their lives completely and channel all their energy towards helping others.  Some need something extra,  something a bit wild or scary.  If that’s maybe you then carry on to our next section where we look at Challenges and Fun Activity.

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