I Want to Feel at My Very Best

Young adult man with black belt practicing a Kata on the beach on a sunny dayThis is where to start …for several reasons:

Improved Fitness by itself is a terrific outcome to achieve, plus it’s a great way to get into the Goal setting-Progress-Reward habit.

Also when you FEEL like you can achieve your best you more likely will.

With mind and body in best shape you think smarter and act positively. You gain the added self-belief and energy to make bigger decisions on life and follow them through.

The transition to a smarter, fitter, “Can do” you happens by way of attitude and habit changes in these three areas:


Everything you do begins with a thought.  Thought gets the brain working and the body moving. Thought in the form of purpose motivates you and gets you out of bed each day.   But just as purpose made your brain and body first grow and strengthen, less purpose in later life will lead them both to decline.
To reboot your thinking and purpose in life explore these two issues.
How you think – the way you feel about life, the world, yourself and the changes that are right for you.
How well you think – your mental sharpness, memory and stamina. 
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Mind and Body both need correct nutrition. Nutrition provided by the variety, quality and quantity of what you eat and drink,  plus that other key source of nourishment – restorative sleep.
However at different stages in life our nutritional needs and digestive system alter and satisfying them requires even closer attention. Read More


Nothing gets the Mind and Body feeling fit quicker than exercise. Whilst we tend to fret about our aches, it’s the cumulative effect on body and mind of non-exercise we should really think about.
Exercise is arguably more necessary and beneficial in mid life – and it’s more accessible and affordable than ever. Read More


Getting Mind and Body back in shape is a hugely enjoyable and satisfying step. It also provides a great foundation for other challenges and changes you may want to take on.


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