EXERCISE – Why, What and How Often?

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Nothing gets the Mind and Body feeling fit quicker than exercise.

Whilst in mid life we tend to fret about “our ache and pains” it’s under-exercising we should worry about and its cumulative adverse effect on total body and mind.

Get into a regular exercise routine and you’ll enjoy a range of proven potential benefits
• Greater strength and stamina.
• Improved cardio-vascular and circulatory system.
• Improved mobility, flexibility and balance.
• Better posture and shape.
• Improved cognitive system.
• Plus the emotional benefits of feeling terrific, and with that greater self-esteem and added confidence.

With so many possible benefits available it just comes down to getting into the exercise habit, and that means answers to the questions:
What kind of exercise should I take? How much exercise do I need? How can I put together a good, affordable exercise routine? When do I start?

To help answer those questions download  OnWeGo on Exercise  our guide on Fitness and Exercise.

Also check out these links to organisations and trusted authorities who specialise in health and exercise.

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EXERCISE – Choosing your Activity or Sport


The secret of choosing a fitness programme that is right for you, one that you will stick with, is to choose one that best ticks your boxes.
Your fitness goals? Is it stamina, strength, toning, mobility, circrculatory?
Your limitations? Things like joint or disc conditions may point you towards low impact activity like swimming or Tai-Chi.
Your time and wallet? A step stool and some weights can provide a 24 hour home gym at minimal cost.
What motivates you? If it’s outdoor solitude, then go cycling. Competitive socializing? Then it’s down the gym with your mates.

Here is a selection of links to sports organizations that may have what you are looking for:

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Looking for a Personal Trainer? @Personal Trainer Network 

“Practical Lessons in Yoga.” – a handbook of classical Yoga.
“Introduction to Meditation.” – how meditation and yoga assist good health.

If you are thinking of embarking on a new regime of exercise and fitness please remember to consult your Doctor for advice.

What Next?

Improved Fitness is the natural first step towards a better life – You’l feel able to take on the world and bring out the best in yourself.
So with your best in mind we suggest your next step is to discover your Self

Remember if you would like to chat about Fitness as part of a programme of Life Coaching please follow the link to the  Coaching Page to find out more, or simply send a message via the Contact Box to the right here.