Mind – How you Think

Life is best when you are doing the things you like best – those favourite things that make you feel good.

But just what makes you feel good? What makes you think and feel the way you do? For the answers look closely into these areas.



Where you are now and your prospects going forward are bound to affect how you feel. Particularly in mid-life when these things can happen:

  • Career and Family plans have been largely achieved leaving something of a void that needs filling.
  • The path you’re on hasn’t lead where you really wanted to go, or taken you as far as you’re capable.
  • You have changed over time. You’ve developed new needs and interests.

Strike a chord? Great! That’s your first clue on the sort of things you could be doing.

Beliefs and Values

What sort of person are you? What do you believe to be right and proper in the way you live your life?

The answers are found in your Personal Beliefs System – your “inner vault” of beliefs and values that sub-consciously qualifies your thinking with emotion, “telling” you how to feel and react.
Know how this works and you’ll make life changes that are relevant and achievable. Discover more about your Belief System with OnWeGo on Personal Values.

Motivational Needs and Wants

What makes you do certain things and strive to do them successfully? Just what is success and satisfaction to you?
These questions are about Needs and Wants. Those “must have” and “good to have” pressures that you satisfy through work and other key pursuits in life.
Knowing just how you are motivated will help you choose the best new goals for you and commit more confidently to any changes you tackle.

Find out more about your Needs and Wants in  OnWeGo On Motivation

Thinking Filters

Do you get bored with detail and just want to know the overall picture? Or must you check every detail before making a decision?

Are you inclined to leap at opportunities and make things happen? Or do you wait for situations to arise and react to them?

These are two examples of thinking filters or Meta Programs – the default ways you are inclined to think and behave. The preconditioning can be positive, but it can be negative and hold you back, and that’s something you really should find out and attend to.
To find out more and carry out a simple analysis of your default thinking download  OnWeGo on Behavioural Defaults  and to consolidate all these areas also check out “OnWeGo on Personality and Thought

There are two situations that make for a happy, satisfied life –

  1. Doing as many and as often as you can the things that really make you feel good.
  2. Managing the way you think and feel so you can happily do the other things too.

Understand why you think and feel as you do and you’ll probably achieve both.

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Mind – How Well You Think

As well as mastering the way you think you should take care of how well you think.
The brain is a living organ and like the rest of the body can lose fitness if neglected.

With exercise and proper nutrition your memory, cognitive function, focus, decisiveness can all benefit and provide better mental agility and stamina

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Feedback or Extra Help?

We’ve tried to offer information here sufficient to help you make decisions on your life changes and would love to know what you think.

We would also love to hear from you if you want some more help, perhaps some coaching.
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What Next?

Hopefully this has got you thinking about your thinking? Next up in your options for a Fitter you is the question of nourishment. Please come over to Nutrition and see what we have to say on that..