NUTRITION – Eating well


A fit Mind and Body need proper nutrition.

Nutrition provided by the variety, quality and quantity of what you eat and drink; plus that other key source of nourishment, restorative sleep.

However at different stages through life our nutritional needs alter as does our digestive system –

  • Meals we may easily have worked off 25 years ago are today too big – excess calories convert into unwanted pounds and inches.
  • Fast and Fancy foods we once loved are now too “rich” for our more sensitive digestive system and lighter sleep pattern.
  • “Bad foods” can have a cumulative adverse effect on the health of our organs.
  • Meal habits and taste preferences can exclude the foods necessary to nourish the maturing mind and body.

Compelling reasons why you should watch carefully what you eat and drink – get it right and there are huge benefits:

  • Physical – Improved body and mind fitness, which means a capacity for more active better living.
  • Emotional – Make a positive difference to your life and look and feel good, which means greater self-esteem, confidence and personal impact.

To get more on this key issue of nutrition and your own needs check out  OnWeGo on Nutrition our introductory guide to what we eat and why.

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NUTRITION – Sleeping well

As we know so well, enjoying a good night’s sleep becomes more difficult as we get older. However the idea that we need less sleep is untrue. Those 7 or 8 hours of continuous sleep are just as important as ever, and getting out of that habit is known to contribute to short-term memory and cognitive problems.
The reality is we just have to try that bit harder to get proper sleep by adopting a “Good Sleep”routine.

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Where Now?

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