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We are delighted to recommend these providers of Fitness, Play and Career Change solutions. Visit their web sites and see for yourself how they can help you make the changes you want.   


  •  Get Fit and have fun – What is your preferred exercise for getting fit: running, swimming, cricket, tennis? Whichever it is you will certainly want to play it well and put your all into it. Speaking personally – when it came to my passion golf  “my all” wasn’t my best. Roy Palmer who combines his love of sport with teaching the Alexander technique put me right on that. In this program Roy introduces you to his teaching and shows how you can be fitter and better at your chosen sport. Whether you’re taking it up again or up a level they’ll be great advice here for you – Follow Roy’s link and find out more.
  •    Make a difference for others – Do you want to do something really special that will help other people? Perhaps you’ve watched charity fund raising events and thought “that’s what I want to do, but I haven’t a clue how to get involved or how to prepare for it.” offers the most comprehensive range of options to the aspiring fund raiser. They can link you with a charity if needed, and offer 100’s of events at all levels of sponsorship and challenge. Hit the link and start to change somebody’s life.


  •  Want to Change Career? – Looking for a job that is bigger or more rewarding? Or maybe you’re thinking of doing something completely different? Churchill Brook will help you fulfill these aims with a uniquely personalized programme of one-to-one telephone and e mail counselling. Social networking and on-line reputation-building feature prominently in their career change solution; and there is a choice of support levels to suit your needs, budget and availability. Follow the link and find out more from the friendly people at Churchill Brook.
  • Got a Great Business Idea? – Having a great idea is the start – getting it across is what makes it a success. And that means expressing your idea in compelling messages that reach the hearts and minds of your prospective customers. Suze St Maur has been writing business messages for websites, press ad’s, leaflets, sales letters, proposals and more for years – and winning awards for it. If you want to make your idea a success – and maybe win an award too – follow the link to and talk with Suze.



  •  Telling the Market about itYou’ve got a compelling message now you want the market to see and hear it. And these days there is no more immediate or effective way of doing that than with a search-engine optimized web site and an awareness and traffic building marketing campaign of social media, blogging and articles. That is what you get from  – follow the link and find out how they can connect your message with your customers.


  •  Presenting  Your Idea – A survey of  business people once famously said that the most valuable skill an entrepreneur or manager can possess is the ability to present their ideas persuasively to others – however large the audience. You can learn how to do that with Persuasive Presenting a comprehensive self-coaching workbook based on applied best practice. Follow the link and learn more about this excellent downloadable programme.




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