Hi, I’m Bob Howard-Spink and I would like to help you with a programme of personal coaching to help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.


  • Because you sense your life has somehow stopped short of the level you could reach. Maybe you feel like a square peg in a round hole or want a better work/life balance.
  • Perhaps you’re  not entirely clear or certain what to do, or confident that you will make the changes you should without a credible and sympathetic guide.


  • You will get plenty of the coaching “givens” of empathy and objectivity. This will ensure we better understand your needs, identify the accompanying challenges and opportunities, and pursue viable solutions and outcomes.
  • Plus you will enjoy a very relaxed coaching relationship with every attempt made to provide flexibility and choice in how you go forward with the programme.


Stages we cover

  1. Introductions This free first session is to get acquainted, to explain the programme and be clear about its scope and who does what. Also to tell you what you want to know before deciding if and how you might proceed with a formal coaching session.
  2. Aims Here we explore where you want to be in life, and what defines this position. We consider the kind of person that you are, and how this aligns with your aims.
  3. Base Now we get into the detail of where you are in relation to your aims, how you truly feel about this and why, what external factors apply, and how all this supports and also constrains where you want to be.
  4. Choices This is when we explore the various options that will get you where you want to be. We evaluate these and their feasibility with regard to your capabilities, needs, values, self-beliefs, relationships and constraints.
  5. Action Now we agree commit to the specific objectives and action plans that will get you where you want to be. Importantly we also look at how to keep things on track and help you may want along the way.
    1. These stages are sequential and we could complete them one at a time before moving to the next. Then again some people prefer the iterative approach moving through the stages before finally reaching an actionable plan.
      You may even decide after a stage or two to continue alone – the choice is entirely yours.

How we work together

  • 30 minute coaching sessions via Skype or telephone with follow-up e mail on agreed outcomes.
  • Supplementary Q & A – e mail exchange on topics arising between sessions.
  • Sessions rolled forward to your choosing.

What you pay

Pay as you go Option

  • 30 minute Skype or telephone sessions + Feedback email  @ £65 per session
  • Supplementary Q & A  e mail  @ £25
  • Payment via PayPal on confirmed booking of each session

Package Option

  • If preferred we can arrange a pre-booked programme of sessions at a negotiated price.



  • Primarily you will be shifting your life to a place you want it to be. You will be feeling motivated and fulfilled.
  • Through the coaching process you should also have learned much about yourself. You may have uncovered old beliefs and negative attitudes that previously held you back, and having been set aside make you a more resourceful person.
  • You will also have experienced new behavioural tools and habits that will help you handle future challenges, adding further to your state of resourcefulness.
  • You will very likely be feeling a lot happier with life and yourself.


  • You see the COACHING ENQUIRY Box to the right?  Please fill in your name, e mail address  and submit and I’ll e mail with some optional times for our free  introductory discussion. I look forward to hearing from you.